Our Plumbing Prices

Service fee: $39 to $99

$39 is for regular hours

$69 is for after hours

$99 is for holiday hours

Hourly Rate: $120 per hour (For one Technician)

$180 per hour (For two Technicians)

Camera Rates: $125 per hour (small Camera)

$250 per hour (large Camera), we may be able to give you a rate per lineal foot. Call for availability

Water and/or Sewer Taps: $125 per inch

Water and Sewer Lines: Price per lineal foot range on average from $6 per foot to $18 per foot. This price does include fittings, valves, clean outs, etc...

Back Flow Certification: $90

Back Flow Installation: $315 and up depending on the size (with each install comes one free certification of that back flow)

Water Heater Replacement: $710 and up depending on gas or electric and the size of water heater

Kitchen Sink Faucet Replacement: $280 and up depending on faucet

Please contact us today for plumbing services or more information.