Plumbing Services Include:

Stoppages- toilets, lavatories, bath/ showers, whole house, etc…

Leaks- toilets, lavatories, bath/ showers, in walls, under slabs, etc…

We also provide leak detection devices for those not so easy to find leaks and a micro-camera to look into walls for accurately pin pointing leaks to minimize wall damage.

We repair and install lift stations.

We offer a “Lift Station Maintenance Program” for residential and commercial properties. Once you are signed on to this program we will quarterly clean and maintain all of the components of your lift station. This program will automatically place you in as a priority customer and if at any time your lift station has troubles, and you notify us of such troubles, you will be placed on the top of our priority list. In other words, you get first class, first priority, as well as first job on the “to do list” treatment.

In order to visually see or inspect or sewer lines, we offer 2 different sizes of cameras. The first camera will inspect your smaller lines such as 4" to 6". The larger camera is equipped to record lines form 8" to 48".

Also at your disposal is an assortment of heavy equipment that we offer. Starting with mini-excavators to back-hoes to larger excavators and a bulldozer, we have the right tool to accomplish your project.

We can install and certify all types as well as sizes of back flow preventers when your annual inspection is due for the city.

Installing new or replacing old water and sewer lines are our specialties. Again, any size and type of pipe we can handle.

Water heater repairs: If your water heater is the problem, no worries, we are can replace any component of your water heater: thermostat, elements, T&P valve, dip tube, thermo-coupler, etc.

And if the water heater is non-repairable, such as leaking from the tank it self, we can replace that old heater for a new heater which comes with a manufacturers warranty.

Please contact us today for plumbing service or more information.